A unique educational board game that helps groups to understand the menopause and how to live with it.

The menopause can be difficult for the women who experience it. There is little formal support available for women before, during and after this important episode in their lives.

We created the game to offer a safe space for groups to discuss difficult issues about the menopause in a gentle and supportive way. The game raises awareness of the menopause, challenges common myths and helps women to recognise and manage symptoms.

However, the game can be played by anyone to raise general understanding of the menopause and reduce stigma around the menopause.

The game presents menopause information in a fun, interactive and non-judgmental way. It empowers players to share their experiences and their concerns. It brings people together to learn together.

The game is intended for between 2 and 14 players and usually lasts for between 20 and 60 minutes. No external support is needed, and anyone can run a session. However, some knowledge of the menopause would be helpful.

The Menopause Game helps women to take control.

Benefits of playing the Menopause Game:

  • Makes learning a fun and social experience.
  • Encourage and empower players to talk about menopause.
  • Tackles feelings of isolation; the group shares experiences and offers support and advice.
  • Helps players understand that everyone’s menopause is different.
  • Gives information about support networks and helps identify the gaps in service.
  • Enables everyone in the community to improve their life journey by breaking down barriers to access support and reduce health and social care inequalities.

Who invented the Menopause Game?

Focus Games Ltd collaborated with MS Centre Mid Argyll to develop the game.

Pictured above, Karen McCurry (left), Claire Cameron (centre), Jacqui Barker (right).

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Price of game:
£45.00 EXC Vat and P&P